Feb 8, 2021

1 min read


a luminous dusk descends as a momentary breeze of stillness tickles the hairs along my cheek. the tranquil air masks an unprecedented storm ruminating past the horizon. mysteriously vast and unknown — the fury collects inside contagious particles, forming into unforeseen visible chaos. gusts blow. clouds loom. rays crawl away and disappear. ⁣

but with time to bask in grim darkness, seeds of wisdom fertilize and crystallize, gifting an abundance of conscious perspective and liberation. Grace was never lost. nor will it ever be lost. it has only waited to be discovered.⁣

instead of pushing it away, let us welcome it in. for it is when we dive deep within the emotional depths where growth and healing integrate and elevate us into more intentional action and compassionate love. ⁣

no matter the unforeseeable madness that crosses your path, it all becomes a part of your awakening interior somehow.